Is loaded with balloons, barbecue’s and of course fireworks. My favorite part as a kid was always getting a balloon at the yearly fireworks display. I could have cared less about all the boom boom noises coming from the sky. My main goal was to get the coolest balloon possible out of whatever my mother could afford. Back then they did not have the mylar balloons. So the shelf life was limited to say the least. I considered it a major victory if the balloon was still afloat two days later.Anything more than that was gravy.

Each year we would have a small barbecue at the house. We would have to start the charcoal grill early. Because we could not leave for the fireworks until the last embers had died out. My mother was a nervous Nelly about this whole thing.I remember one year the embers were still a tinge red when it was time to go to the fireworks. I had tears in my eyes. I looked to the ground and prayed that red would die out in a hurry.

I think my mother sensed how upset I was because she did something unexpected. She went over to the hose and sprayed the barbecue with water. I was so happy I did not know what to do with myself. I most certainly did just make it to the bathroom in time.That actually was one of the last times we went to the fireworks together. I was growing up and we both were aware that these experiences would be replaced soon.

We strolled down to the center of town that year. When we arrived there was only one person selling balloons. Every other vendor had some kind of inflatable toy. But I was fortunate enough to get my balloon. It was the coolest balloon I had ever had. It was a balloon within a balloon. Surprisingly it lasted three whole days. I was in heaven.

Whatever you look forward to every 4th of July, will always be a part of you. I have my memories of balloons and you have yours of something special as well, Keep them close to your heart as you create new memories as the years go on.

What is your favorite part of the fourth of July?