50 YEARS !


hands and marched on Washington. Fifty years later we celebrate that occasion. The day that propelled a minister from Alabama into the history books as one of the most eloquent speakers of all time. He delivered a message that most of can quote some part of even today. The speech he delivered was of his dream for all those who were in attendance that day as well as for those who were yet to come in the future. It encompassed what we can achieve when we are united instead of divided.

There is still more ground on which to march, for we have yet to achieve our destination. But we cannot allow the work needed to be done come to a halt when the march ends. The real work begins at the end of the rally. When we all go to our neighborhoods and homes, and go back to do doing all the same things we did before the march. Only when we change our mindset and make a plan for change will things begin to tip our way.

Plan for a day and you change a moment. Plan for a lifetime and you change the future!

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