Yesterday America entered a new era, one in which marriages of the same sex are legal nationwide.Some people are very excited about the news while others remain cautious in their support. What was won in this ruling is astronomical to say the least.

People involved in same sex relationships now have a voice. They no longer have to feel that stigma of not being allowed to take their relationship to the next level. I read in the paper that two men from Dallas both in their eighties JUST got their marriage license as a result of this ruling. They have been together for 54 years. That is a long time for a relationship! But George Harris (82) and Jack Evans (85) are now ready to seal the deal.

I remember hearing people say that someone was in the closet about their sexuality. That really is a shameful way to have to live your life. Life is meant to be enjoyed! We all should feel free to express ourselves without fear of discrimination over our choice of lifestyle. This ruling is not asking for everyone to embrace the gay community overnight. I think they just want what the rest of us get in a marriage. This might include being able to have your spouse on your health insurance. As well as being able to name this person as your beneficiary.

These things sound simple enough for most folks. But when your choices and lifestyle decisions are being squashed in every direction, it leaves little room to enjoy life. It leaves you in a place of being perpetually on guard. Afraid to really speak your mind and unwilling to trust. This is what creates the closet effect for a lot of people. When the need to remain silent has been removed, then you get to know the real person. That is the person who is confident within themselves and their decisions.

We might all just want to try to get to know PEOPLE! Putting people first is always the right choice. This does not mean that you have to smother your opinion. You can respectfully disagree! At least that would be a dialogue. Talking is where it all begins. Let’s make this a great beginning!