This time each year brings out the giving in all of us. Even if our budgets are not huge we all have something we can contribute. Whether you are an expert cookie maker or cook. Or maybe you know the best places to order out from. It does not matter! It is all a contribution of some kind. And that is the centerpiece of CHRISTMAS!

The focus is on everyone’s contribution to making this day spectacular in our own eyes. Packages and bows all look very appealing underneath the light of a Christmas tree. As we all sip on our drinks and enjoy a meal, the unwrapping will be a big reveal. It will show all the thought and emotional investment we have made in choosing our gifts that we bring. And as each person opens their gifts, they will have something more than what they arrived with.

A gift that was chosen just for them, and much much more. Their hearts will be filled with a joy that comes from this most HOLY of seasons. Because of a baby born in Bethlehem we all gather and share the fruits of our labor. And in spite of retailers trying to shift the focus of this most important day, those of us who BELIEVE will never allow that shift to become permanent.

A blessing before our meal and the presence of a manger scene are all signs that WE all know what the true gift is. That is why we celebrate this day year after year! Enjoy this day to the very end, and do not lose sight of what is really important. You can always return that sweater that does not fit. But you will have your memories from this Christmas with you forever!!