It is completely possible to be a doormat and not even realize it. You might have an inkling that things could be better. Or you could experience a feeling of uneasiness when you are in the presence of certain people. A lot of times you might have a tendency to shrug off that feeling. Because you do not want to have bad feelings about the other person.

Maybe they have told you that you are NOT doing enough for them. And each time you question what they are doing, they come up with some other shortcoming you have. In the end there really is nothing you will ever do that will be good enough for that person or situation to make it work.

Getting to the point of accepting defeat is difficult to say the least. It will take some time to self affirm your feelings. The next step comes in the form of action. This I have found to be the hardest part. But coming out from underneath the WELCOME mat must be done. It is the only way to free yourself from being suffocated by someone or something.

The process of freeing yourself is the hardest part of returning to your truth! Those feelings of sadness and even guilt may still plague you. That is until enough TIME has elapsed and you can clearly see what was happening. It is at this juncture, that enlightenment occurs. You will suddenly feel a freedom you have never known before.

You can leave that mat by the backdoor! It lacks the ability to hold you down! Stand firm in your belief that YOU are right. Throw out all of those things that were holding you under the mat. Do not concern yourself with who it belonged to or whether they will be upset that it is in the trash. If they wanted it they would have taken it with them.Or they would have appreciated what they had while they had the chance!