Our most precious resource is the environment we live in. Without it we cannot sustain life as we know it. Viable resources that we all once took for granted are in jeopardy. Using the same tools available to us for success, we have the ability to turn things around if we only take some time to do so. A small shift in focus can make all the difference in the world.

It is not necessary to have a great deal of technical capability to tackle some of our largest environmental concerns of today. Recently, I was watching the discovery channel where they did a story on a 19 year old Dutch man named Boyan Slat who has created The Ocean Cleanup. This young man got his start while diving in Greece. His frustration grew when he was coming across more plastic bags than oceanic wildlife. He was only 16 at the time, and he began to think about why no one was attempting to cleanup any of the plastic in the ocean.

He presented his project at a TED TALK in 2012. Since then The Ocean Cleanup Project has grown quite a bit. They have the backing of several institutions as well as engineering groups. He has raised as much as $80,000.00 through crowd funding. While this may sound impressive, the cost of cleaning up our water supply is overwhelming to say the least. But the cost of NOT taking any action would be beyond devastating to life as we know it.

Boyan’s idea is to have a machine in the ocean that works passively to collect plastic. The very plastic that our fish are eating instead of valuable nutrients. This is leading many of them to become malnourished. His idea is gaining momentum from a year and a half of research is showing the viability of this project.


We are in good hands as long as we keep the right perspective on things and are willing to invest of ourselves into finding solutions. What can you do to make sure we are in good hands?