It is estimated that within the next five years or so cell phones will out number humans on planet earth.With this information in mind,we all need to start taking a closer look at how this technology is being used.

For the most part the only winners in how much we are all using our phones are the cell phone providers. For every time we talk,text or stream something we are using up DATA. That is the new way these large corporations are determining our bills.

As human beings we are all using this technology to receive information faster and to occupy our time. But is it necessary to talk or stream on the phone while we are at the grocery store checkout? Are we losing our common courtesy in favor of a more isolated self serving existence?

These questions must be raised and dealt with before we lose our ability to interact face to face. On a recent trip to my favorite Japanese steak house, I was seated with nine other people. Out of all nine of them I was the only one without my cell phone sitting out on the table. One of my table mates was so obsessed with his phone he never let it slip from his hand during the meal. His cover for the phone actually doubles as a back up battery because of his obsessive behavior.

I personally enjoy having a conversation with people I have never met before. This type of interaction helps me learn about other people and what their life experiences are about! Join me in pursuit of a good conversation with someone you do not know. You may just end up having a good time and making a new friend!