We are all three dimensional beings. We are composed of the body, the mind and the spirit. All three must be in constant use or imbalance occurs. Unlike multitasking at the office , each of out three dimensions should be attended to separately.

It would not be practical to try and eat a meal while exercising our bodies. Nor is it a great idea to try and meditate during an office meeting. Although, I have attended some office meetings that have made me wish I were still napping. I am speaking on the first two of the three dimensions because they ultimately effect the third. Our spirit is our guiding force which makes us have that fight or flight response to situations. In scientific terms they refer to that as the adrenaline rush.

Without making a routine habit out of taking care of the body and mind our spirits fall into a chaotic state. Things that are not nearly as big of an obstacle as they seem can become mountainous.

All that is required to maintain some balance is a dedicated amount of time just for YOU! Alone without the electronic devices that occupy every other second you are not working. Relax with your favorite coffee,tea or water and think about NOTHING! Along with our bodies, our minds need a break as well. When you have begun to put this into practice on a routine basis, it will serve you well when stressful situations arise. Then your spirit will feel uplifted instead of buried beneath all those stresses you are facing.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You have to be willing to enter the tunnel first to see it !