Only too often do we see people who are having success express it with a high five. Being able to do that with another person shows your ability to connect with others. It also shows that you have attained a certain amount of respect from those around you.

Following the basic principles of the Law of Attraction, it is good practice to be a high fiver. Celebrating the successes of others or engaging others in your own success will only bring more coming your way.More importantly,those who are doing this with great frequency are those who follow through on their goals and dreams. they have a plan that they are following daily. Whether that plan involves calling ,e-mailing or networking. They adhere to their plan and enjoy the results of their efforts.

If you have a plan but have not written it down or followed through on it, it is not too late. Make today you write it down so it becomes something you will have to be held accountable to. Put it in a place you cannot avoid looking at it from.

Become a frequent high-fiver!

Photo: Dreamstime