For many of us time is something we give little thought too unless it involves keeping an appointment or being on time for work. It is the one thing we never really think about in terms of how much is left to accomplish all that we have thought about. And when it seems as though we might be running out of time for that thought or idea to come true, we give up and figure it will just never happen.

How often have you forsaken an opportunity for your idea to come to life in order to remain in the comfort of your daily or weekly routine? When your chance comes to go to a networking event or gain some ground by being of service have you taken it?

Being a master of time involves doing today what others will not do in order to have tomorrow what others will not have. It will take every extra moment you have , to acquire the assistance of others. Because in exchange for their help you will also be required to help them!

Give more service than is required and it will be returned to you tenfold!