What are you quitting

This time of year most people are changing things in their lives. They call these changes resolutions. More than likely these resolutions include giving up or quitting something in our lives. The ability to follow through on these changes takes more than just ordinary willpower. It has to involve a lifestyle modification for it to be successful.

Quitting one thing means taking on the challenge of something else. If you make a decision to stop eating badly, then you have to take on the challenge of leading a healthier lifestyle. I have experienced this in my own life. I made a resolution fourteen years ago to quit smoking. I still remember that following year. I treated myself to all kinds of delicious foods. As a result I gained an unsightly amount of weight.

I had a choice to make. I could either continue to gain weight. Or I could choose to do something to make the weight disappear.In order for my plan to work I figured out the best time of day to work out, It was not easy. I had never been on a treadmill in my life. Five days out of seven I was up at five fifteen in the morning. My right foot would hit the treadmill at exactly five thirty a.m. This was when the gym would open. For one hour five days a week I was doing cardio and weights.

But the most difficult part was not the working out. It was what was NOT putting in my mouth. Long gone were all the mouth watering sugared drinks I had come to love. I was eating less than half of what I grown accustomed to having. In the process I had quit something that would have potentially killed me.

What are you willing to quit in order to move forward with your life? What challenges will you endure to make it in your New Year?