What are the things in your life that are holding you hostage? Is it that job you are working? You know the one that pays you just enough to make it without being able to get ahead. Or have you talked yourself into believing that you have to wait on what you want for the sake of your family?

Whatever it is that has you feeling all tied up,you need to begin to release yourself from it’s hold on you. If you think that being there every minute of your children’s after school activities is benefiting them think again. Your children will be just fine if you spend the hour or so they are in soccer,football,dance,band,etc. reading something that has captured your attention. They will learn more from that than they will from you sitting on the sidelines with everyone else wishing you were in another place.

If you feel held hostage by your current place of employment, it is time to set yourself free. You can begin by not participating in office politics. Spend your breaks or lunch hour pursuing a new hobby. If you are looking to find another position, then spend YOUR time doing just that. Do not allow others to dictate to you how you spend your break or lunch time. You may just find an increase in your energy level. People who are reaching for their goals do that. You can do that too!

Release your mind from all those ties and limitations you have imposed on yourself!

Photo: Google