With so many people looking for opportunities, either in the employment of others or by creating a niche all of their own it is difficult to avoid duplication.But to be successful that is exactly what we must all do.

Our creativity must not be limited to what it is we are doing but also how we are doing it. Copying and replicating what others are doing will only produce an overabundance of people that look exactly the same. Distinction comes with the courage to forge ahead despite what others are suggesting .

There will be times when you will question whether or not you are doing the right thing. Some people will tell you that there is a certain “mold” to follow and without it you can not be at a certain level. But staying in a mold will eventually make you stiff and rigid, unable to stretch and bend to the many new ideas that you will have along the way. The people that wanted you in the mold may actually be the very ones you will need to leave behind as success finds you. Or you might just be surprised to see how many will follow your lead!