cultivating intagibles

If you are looking to land your dream job, you better bring out all of your ammunition. It is no longer satisfactory to have just a great education on your resume. What most hiring managers and human resource people are looking for is evidence of intangibles.

These are the things that a lot of people do not spend any time trying to develop. Sometimes people think they possess enough of each of them to fulfill any situation they could possibly be placed in. Instead quite a few job seekers leave interviews dumbfounded and bewildered as to what went wrong.

While everyone knows that the entire interview process is extremely subjective, there are certain things that can turn the tables in your favor. Let’s examine a few of them.

SINCERITY- so many people go into an interview trying to be whatever it is they think the Hum an resource person is looking for. But you cannot read someone else’s mind. Instead of trying to have things in common, just be yourself. Whatever you believe in OWN it. Being different just might be what they are looking for.

RESPONSIBILITY- is shown rather than written. It can be displayed in your ability to be a person who shows up on time. Or the person who puts in extra effort to get a project done on time. This can be demonstrated through recounting a situation that required you to put in extra effort or time.

ACCOUNTABILITY- is shown often in being the “GO-TO” person. The person that can be called on to lend clarification to a troubling situation.

LEADERSHIP- some people do not think they have any leadership qualities. I beg to differ on this one. I believe that if you have become a master at whatever you are doing, you have leadership qualities. Administrative assistants and secretaries are natural born leaders. They are placed in a position of managing their managers. Think about it for a minute it really is true. By keeping track of their manger’s calendar and messages they are the driving force behind the success of the people they are working for.

These are just a few of the intangibles that are necessary to communicate in either your resume or interview. You might even consider incorporating them into both. If you feel as though you need to improve your intangibles, you might want to find a volunteer opportunity. Placing yourself in a situation to learn more may get you to earn more!