driving in the dark

Anyone who has driven in the dark knows that adjustments must be made in order to properly navigate. Everything appears so much different when it is covered in darkness. Those landmarks that are easily seen in the light of day seem to disappear along with the sunlight. Without the assistance of headlights and sometimes high beams, seeing where the road is going can be impossible. It does not make any sense then to try and envision that any driver on the road in the dark would not use these things to help navigate their way.

The other night on my way home at eleven thirty at night, there was a car that I almost collided with because they did not have their lights on at all. Not even their parking lights. I could not even give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe they just forgot to push the button in or out all the way to turn the lights on. As this person went careening by me, I had a thought. What if everyone drove around without their lights on?

The roadways would be utter chaos. In the cover of darkness we would not be able to find our way to our destination. The same can be said for our goals. Without using any of the tools available to us we might as well be driving toward our destination blindfolded. In this state we would be bumping into each other and quite possibly causing major harm to one another.At the very least, we can be assured that it will undoubtedly take much longer to get to where we want to go. And the possibility exists that our destination might never be reached.

In order to ensure that we can at least see what is coming at us, we must be present in the moment. We cannot allow ourselves to blindly forge ahead without information and education to improve our situation. Are you driving in the dark?