You may be fighting change in your life without even realizing it.For many people the fight comes in the form of refusing to do some things differently in order to achieve something. It can also present itself by ingesting the inevitability of not being able to do things.

If you have ever said to yourself “I will never be able to do that because…”, whatever follows the because is what is holding you back. By saying things like that it keeps your fight to resist change alive. It can also keep you feeling like there will never be anything different for you in the future.

Instead of fighting change why not Fight for Change! Instead of accepting what you have already as being the best you can ever do, try doing one thing different everyday! Make that one thing a habit! Before you know it you will be on the road to changing many things in your life. This is not an EASY thing to do. If it were, millions of people would be doing things differently all the time.

Congratulate yourself along the way! Celebrate every new successful change you make! This will keep your spirits up and enable you to keep striving for your goals!