It’s easy to see your footprints in the sand might be going in circles. That is of course, until the tide comes in and washes them away. What is more difficult to define is which of our actions are causing our lives to have us repeat the same scenario over and over again. It might begin to feel as thought nothing will ever change. Nothing we do is helping us to gain any head way. Right when we implement something new to improve our situation, we get derailed! And before we know it, we are right back to where we started from.

To prevent the continued circular swirl, takes a lot of introspection. We must begin deep within ourselves and make some major changes. Everything must be open for negotiation and examination. This can be a very daunting task. It is not a pleasant thing to have to admit our faults. Especially to ourselves. There is a part of all of us that believes we are doing things right and everything is simply AGAINST us.

But if the formula we were using was a winning one we would be in a better flow of things. instead of facing the same challenges over and over again, we would be embracing new opportunities.Once we begin to look inside ourselves to discover what needs changing, it is imperative to start reading. It’s one thing to know that change is needed, but once that has been established we need get some direction.

If you cannot find anything online to read, a trip to the local book store can be very beneficial. There you can look through some books to get a feel for the contents. Not every author will connect with you. It may take a few books before you begin to get something out of what you are reading.

Another good tip is to try to watch some videos of Motivational Speakers. Here again it may take some time to find someone you can connect with. But it is easy access and you can use your headphones. That way not everyone has to know what you are doing. Change is good but it is a very private thing. Making changes is hard enough without employing the world as participants in the process.

Consistency here is extremely important. I cannot count the number of days I listened to motivational messages when I did not believe them. It took repetitive reading and listening to convince myself that I might actually be able to break the horrible circle I was in. If i can do it so can YOU!!!