It is hard to imagine that ten years ago Facebook was merely 10 MONTHS old. In it’s infancy it was a place to meet up with family members and close aquaintence’s. Since those days it has evolved into that and much more. Along the way there were plenty of other social media sites that popped up. This began a whole new era of communication. People soon discovered that it was possible to make contacts around the world. They did not have to limit themselves to just one country or even one state.

While all the accessibility is great, it is how we use it that matters the most. How often do you see people posting things on Facebook requesting their contacts to “Like” the post. Usually they are also advising those who do not respond that they will be “unfriended” based on their lack of involvement. We are now all consumed with how many clicks we can get. People use search engines to discover the most sought out topics before they put together their content.

It is not unusual to get a few “friend requests on Facebook or connection requests on LinkedIn. But what are we really doing with all these people? Are they people we know or want to know? Or are we merely caught up in a cycle of collecting “friends” or “connections” to make ourselves appear more popular than we actually are.

I am not suggesting that anyone go through all of your 500+ connections or friends and delete them! What I am suggesting is try and “CONTACT” them. In all that time you are spending searching for a new job, or trying to find an opportunity, it may be just a message away. The investor you were looking for may be a colleague of a “friend” or “connection” you have never contacted before. Or they might actually be or f your list already. You will never find out by not trying to connect.

I have people that I connect with once a month. For me this works out great. We set our schedule ahead of time and agree on the subject to be discussed. Who are your you going to keep contact with?