Whether positive or negative, our experiences shape the way we interact with other’s on a daily basis. They also are at the very core of our decision making.The more experience we have in life the more we can become guarded in our approach to new things.

We might try to format our ideas based on what other people are doing or rely on old school information that has no relevance in today’s market.By keeping an open mind and looking at things from a new perspective we can gain more ground to our ultimate goal.While experience may have taught us some limiting habits, it can also be the catalyst for huge success.

Human nature in of itself does not change. Given this indisputable fact, targeting the right audience based on experience has never been easier with all of the tools available to us today. In this way ,all that we have learned is no longer a limitation but a large asset. By taking an old school mentality and giving it a new age twist might just be all you need to be considered innovative.