It’s hard to imagine NOT LIVING YOUR TRUTH isn’t it? Why wouldn’t someone do that ..right? But how many people do you talk to on a daily basis who say they are just doing what they HAVE to do? I lose count of how many times I get that answer. Most of the time people will say that their LIVES got in the way of their TRUE desire.

Maybe they met someone, got married and had kids. Before they knew what was happening, time was escaping them. The bills starting coming in, the rent was due. And while all of this was taking place their TRUTH got lost in doing laundry and taking care of everyone else.

There is a way to live your TRUTH regard less of your circumstances. Those things you see as limits may actually be mere guidelines that help you focus more intently on your goal. A year ago I was working two jobs, My average day was at least 14 hours long. In the process of all this working I was doing, I accidentally ended up working 24 hours straight.

But one thing I continually found time for was my writing. It is the one thing that keeps me REAL. I remember working from 7am till 11pm , coming home and writing a blog every three days. People I work with asked me how I could do that. the answer was simple. Writing is MY TRUTH. It is the way I keep my commitment to myself. The one I made in 2007 after breast cancer. To get my message out to people that regardless of your situation there is ALWAYS a way to make things work!

Without my writing I can honestly say I am not sure how I would have made it through the past few years. And with the support of my readers it has definitely made all the difference in the world to my TRUTH!

What is YOUR TRUTH? What can you do to bring it to LIFE?