marathon material

Running long distances takes a lot of training. Those who enter road races will tell you they have been working on this goal for a long long time.They usually start by conditioning themselves to a certain terrain. And then they gradually vary the conditions they run in. This prepares them for the day of the big event. Because weather conditions can be unpredictable no matter where the race is being held.

Each April here in Boston I watch the Marathon. It is a very interesting event. There are people that fly in from all over the world to enter this race. And that is no small feat, considering this part of the country’s weather can change from one hour to the next. It is not unusual to have a day start warm and end up cold or the other way around. Most times the running of the Boston Marathon is on a day that is cool but cloud. They say this is optimal for most runners. It prevents them from getting over heated.

The best part of this experience and it is an experience even for a spectator, are the stories surrounding the participants.While the front runners are usually professional Marathoner’s , the rest of the pack is comprised of some ordinary people. People who run only on weekends . Then there are those who have just taken up jogging around the outer parameters of the Charles River on their lunch break. All in an effort to be in shape come Marathon Monday!

The beginning of the race is visually overwhelming. Watching it on the television, all you can see is an ocean of people. At that moment it is anyone’s race to win. that is until the fastest runners take the lead. But Marathon’s are not necessarily about winning. They are about FINISHING the race,no matter how long it takes! Being a Marathoner requires stamina and commitment. Two qualities that are necessary regardless of what it is you are trying to achieve.

Are you marathon material?