Everyone of us holds our own piece to a puzzle. We also have the ability within ourselves to make our piece fit wherever we go.The question is, are you really interested in making your piece fit ? So many times when we get an opportunity , we forget that fitting into the big picture is imperative in our desire to stand out.

Staying true to yourself no matter the office environment is crucial. It is also equally important to raise the bar of expectations to the level you are accustomed to being on. When you begin to do this everyone else around you will begin to bring their pieces to you in order to fit in the puzzle.

You see, most people do not want to be viewed as undesirable employees even if they are. They want people in a position of power to view them as valuable. If you were to ask the worst employee in the place how they think they are doing, you would be surprised at the answer you will receive. More often than not they believe that they are doing an acceptable job. Among their greatest achievements will be the number of “friends” they have made while working there.

Your goal will be to have people admire and respect the “work” that you do. You can make new friends on your own! When you achieve this goal of gaining respect from your peers, that is when you will feel the abundance of success coming your way.

Give more service than is required and it will be returned to you tenfold!