The universe will respond to your every command. that is basic law of attraction. But how it responds to what you have requested depends on your ALIGNMENT. You have to take into account that without proper alignment what you ask for may NOT be in fact what you receive. This alignment I speak of surpasses the “Birds of a feather, flock together”.

It is not enough to be involved with people or organizations that support your goal. You must align yourself above and beyond all of that. If this sounds like a daunting task, well it can be unless you adopt a mentality that empowers you to be able to stand apart from everyone else. This combination is what will move you in the right direction. If you have taken into account all the other people who are your would be competitors,then half of your homework is done. Yes it takes home work and plenty of it to become properly aligned.

The other part that must be done to achieve alignment is to take into account what is being placed into the universe already and then place your own personal view on it. Most often this is referred to as branding.

A few years ago I had joined a networking group. One of the first members of the group that I would meet was the Electrician. He was a big guy. He stood over six feet tall. I had told him that one of my drive way lights was out. He said he would drop by the next morning after our weekly meeting. At exactly nine o’clock the next morning he showed up with his van that had seen better days. He apologized for being a few minutes late. Then he asked me where the light was. In a matter of minutes he had replaced the bulb in a socket that I could not maneuver myself. Before I knew it the bulb had been replaced and in find working condition.

This electrician was aligning himself properly. He was willing to do what others in his field were leaving for the handymen out there to do. He set himself apart by being available to all the members of the group. He did this knowing that the lager jobs would come as a result of it. And when the larger jobs started coming in he continued to service those of us in the group who had smaller jobs. Today he employs six people and is out working six days a week. that old van he had has been replaced with a newer model.

Are you willing to do what it takes to be properly aligned?