Many people will tell you they are stuck in a rut and cannot figure out why. They will say that they have looked at doing others things over the years but somehow those things never seemed to pan out. The truth about ruts is this. They proved us with a comfort zone. Whether that zone is good or bad. We know what to expect from the rut. Ruts also provide us shelter from the unknown. We do not have to worry about the weather outside of our rut which would bring us uncertainty.

When a person decides to take a chance on doing something different with their lives they will often not stray too far from their rut. They might take a few baby steps away from the rut enough to peek at the outside world without completely abandoning their current circumstances.

In order to make a change, there are things they will have to leave behind. They will have to view this change as though they are permanently moving. They will have to pack up all their hopes and dreams along with their desires and passion. They will need these things to bring to the next phase of their lives for without them no real change will occur. They need not fear any hostility from the outside as they already have all the outerwear they will ever need.This is not to suggest there will not be any difficult times ahead, because with change comes challenges.

Give more service than is required and it will be returned to you tenfold!