The basic Law of attraction is this:whatever predominates your thoughts is what you attract.This sounds really simple in theory but in practice it becomes rather complicated. Take for instance the people who seem to have a never ending flow of drama in their lives. They cannot understand why this is happening over an over again. However, every day the bulk of their conversation revolves around the same STORY. They usually have someone in their lives that they blame for causing most if not all of the drama they face. What they fail to realize is that just changing the STORY they are telling will alter the chain of events occurring in their lives.

The same holds true for people who want to lose weight. They often look at how much they have to lose rather than focusing on what they want to look like.

Who do you envision yourself to be? Where is it you want to go? Never mind looking behind you, that is OLD news. Look ahead and focus on where you want to go. Once you do that you will notice more of what you want coming your way.Take advantage of all that you deserve to have in life!