are what we use to protect a part of our bodies that has been injured. Usually this involves a scrape or small cut. They are not meant to be worn for long periods of time. If you have ever tried to take one off after a few days it is really difficult to do. Unless of course you get it wet in the shower and it falls off.

This happens all too often in our daily lives as well. We find ways of covering up things that need mending. At first we use a bandaid approach as a temporary fix. But before we know it we have become dependent on that bandage. We might at first change the bandage frequently. That is until something else happens. Then with our attention diverted that Bandaid stays on way too long. One day we decide that we have had enough of the bandage. Only to discover, that removing it will require more time and energy than we thought.

Sometimes the best thing to do when we have a problem is to not cover it up. By bringing it open to the air we might find solutions when other people can see what needs to be done. Recently, I had some car repairs that desperately needed to be done. I was trying to figure out how to do a little of the work at a time. Which did not seem likely since I really do not have any friends who are mechanics.

Then one day I was working and overheard someone talking about getting their car fixed. Normally I keep my problems to myself. But after driving around with my car bouncing all over the place I decided to join in on this conversation. Before I knew what was happening, I was introduced to the mechanic. I could not believe my good fortune. Not only would he do the work as I could afford it, he picked up and delivered my car to me.

All of this because I decided not to BANDAGE my problems!