between yesterday and tomorrow

Between Yesterday and Tomorrow lies TODAY! This is the one day we have complete control over. This is the time that we have to place into motion our ideas, plans, goals for the future.

Even if you are on the run for most of the daylight hours, it does not prevent the formation of ideas. Often when I am at my busiest, it seems as though a rush of fresh thoughts for content writing assaults my brain. When this happens I write down the main points in an outline form. This helps me to go back when I have more time and recapture the moment I was in.

One of the most interesting things about TODAY is that whatever we decide to begin, launch or ignore will have a direct impact on our TOMORROW!! In fact while we are all sitting down, walking around or running with our plans, others will be watching. People always watch those who seem to have a purpose.These are the people who live everyday as if it was no more special than the day before.

If you have ever had people ask you what book you are reading, or what video you are watching you know what I am talking about. Once, I was writing down some notes on a pad of paper before I clocked in for my shift at the hospital, and one woman asked me what I was writing. I gave her the “Reader’s Digest” answer. She shook her head and said “Why are you bothering?” Then she laughed at the absurdity of what I was trying to achieve.

I know why I bother with TODAY! I put forth the effort in order to have a better TOMORROW! While I cannot predict what the next day will bring, I know that if I approach from a position of LACKING, I will always be behind. Today, I have decided to put into motion my plans for the New Year.

What have you done with YOUR day between Yesterday and Tomorrow?