Sometimes what is on the hook luring us in is not worth all it seems. At first glance we might be tempted to go for it without a second thought. But once you have taken the bait, you are on the hook. You will be subject to some else’s rules. You might be agreeable at first until you experience what it truly means.

Those who are out to reel us in will stop at nothing to get us to take the bait. They might make promises they have no intention of fulfilling. Or they will fill us with a false sense of importance. All of this done in an effort to get us to do their bidding. Oh don’t let them fool you! They have an agenda!

The people who want you to take their bait are all about themselves.They have the capability of making you feel as though nothing you do will ever be right in their eyes. Their story is always changing. That is how they keep you on the hook. While they have you trying to change what you are doing, they are going about their business as usual. In fact they are secretly laughing and joking with some one else about how they have you jumping through hoops.

Once you begin to make changes in order to accommodate them, they will go ahead and increase what it will take to stay in their favor. Some of these people will be so bold as to tell you that you are one of the worst things that has happened to them EVER! This is done not to make you go away. Quite the contrary, it is done purposely to create in you the desire to please them even more. You can become lost in the endless sea of their neediness. Each time they decide they require something different and you change your approach again, they will find something wrong with that as well.

The one thing you cannot do is BLAME them! You must take responsibility for your part in creating this whole situation! This will be the beginning of your freedom from the HOOK!