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For Ty Allan Jackson one question from his son would transform his life forever. That question is probably NOT what you are thinking. The question was ” Dad can we have a lemonade stand?”

On a warm summers day Mr. Jackson and his then 7 year old son set up a lemonade stand. They sold each glass for .75 cents. To his surprise his son made $50 in a few hours. He was expecting his son to pull in no more than enough money to buy a couple of ice creams. But when he realized what had happened he knew that he had to teach his son how to make the best of his new found wealth. This was not exactly what his son wanted to hear. He wanted to buy a new video game with his profits.

In the process of teaching his son about money Ty was unable to find any books at all, dealing with this particular subject. He then began working on his first book called DANNY DOLLAR MILLIONAIRE EXTRAORDINAIRE. The project would take him more than a year to complete. Although he had come up with a few initial versions of the book they did not come up to his standard of excellence. In the process of writing his initial book he founded Big Head Books.

One conversation with Mr. Jackson and you cannot help but to get caught up in his passion. He will tell you himself that he really never thought about becoming an author. But his destiny had other plans for him. His passion has been found in promoting LITERACY among children.


Mr. Jackson travels around the country promoting his books. There are a few now that he has written. But DANNY DOLLAR was the first one to show children of color that they are reflected in literature. Children’s literature that is. On one of his first tours, one child told him that it was the first time he had seen someone in a book that looked like him! Good thing that lemonade stand in Pittsfield,Ma. happened seven years ago. Danny dollar is growing in popularity at a rapid pace. As of this post Mr. Jackson, is in Florida on yet another school tour.

Along with Danny Dollar, you can find the SUPADUPA KID and WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES and YOU ARE AMAZING- I AM AMAZING as part of his growing children’s book collection. Mr. Jackson’s goal is to get at least one of his books into the hands of every available child.


What a great way to fall asleep at night! Tucked in with the bedtime story!

You can contact Ty Allen Jackson at for information on school visits.