With the Turkey and all the fixings behind us, the rush for the perfect Christmas gift looms ahead. We have been warned through the onslaught of advertisements, that this day was coming. The actual time it will occur depends on the store you want to go to.

But one thing I know for certain is that you need a whole lot of willpower to go to a Black Friday sale. When my kids were younger I went out a few years in a row. I made a list of all the people I needed to buy for and what I wanted to get them. I went to the store with the sale ad in one hand and the list of people in the other.

When I finally got into the store,(the line was extremely long) I quickly realized that the items I wanted were NO LONGER available. In their place were things that would be a suitable substitute at a substantially reduced price. And that is where my will power went out the window.

The prices were so enticing that before I knew what had hit me, I had bought triple the amount of items as I had originally planned. It seemed as though the less I spent the more I needed. It did not seem possible that those inexpensive items would be enough to make the recipients happy. Some how I thought that they would know I had not spent that much and it would appear CHEAP on my part.

This kind of thinking is easy to get into when everything is within your budget. The only problem was that when I was through shopping I was in the RED! That year the stores reported record number sales. They were in the BLACK heading into their final quarter.

Now that I know my limitations, I refrain from going into stores. I do most of my shopping online. This keeps it real for me. And helps me stay in the “BLACK”. Be careful out there on this BLACK FRIDAY and stay to your original plan! Do not fall prey to the seduction of inexpensive prices to buy more! Place the savings in your pocket for a day when a drought may hit. Because that is when you will need it the most. When it is raining ,water is plentiful!