It is not that easy to break free really. Most of the reasons we feel tied down is due to our habits of thinking. We feel as though our lives must be one way. I know I used to be that person. I locked myself in my own prison of thinking that I could not, should not think outside the box. Every day i was processing, the kids, the dog, the housework and the job.I kept looking for someone to set me free. When in fact it was I that had to set myself free. Free from the story I was telling myself as to why I could not do things.I had to break the ties that kept me prisoner to a life that had become mundane.People ask me “How long does it take?”. The answer is “It takes the time it takes”.

It is easy to stay in the mental habit of processing because it is what you already know versus the unknown that will come with change. But change will come with or without you. That is what I know for sure. The change you seek will come at it’s own pace depending on how much you want it. Like a toddler learning to walk. Some get up and run others take their time until they feel solid footing. It all begins with a STEP.