Many times in the media we hear the reporters referring to people as hero’s. These people usually have been placed into situations they could never have imagined. By reacting immediately and doing something to help or save someone else they become a hero.

The other picture we usually have in our minds is of superheros like Spiderman, Superman or Batman. And let’s not forget the ladies here with Wonder Woman. These made up hero’s of someone’s imagination can do things that mere mortals could not even conceive of doing. But they all have on thing in common. Before they can perform any of their superhero powers, they all must CHANGE the clothing they are wearing.

Once they have changed their clothing they are equipped with all kinds of weapons and gadgets to assist them in whatever they come up against. Spiderman has his shooting webs, Superman can fly just like a plane, and Batman has the Batmobile. Watching these people in action, it seems impossible that any of us could could ever do anything as spectacular as they do.

But this is far from the truth. We all have a bit of hero in us that allows us to go about our business everyday. Consider those instances in your life when you took the time to listen to your best friend. Or maybe you assisted a complete stranger who might have been lost. Are you a caregiver to an ailing relative? Have you ever given someone a ride or helped them figure out a solution to a current dilema? Then again may be you were the one person who stood up for someone who was being subjected to ridicule unfairly. Any of these situations that you reacted to makes YOU a hero.

The difference here is that you did all of these things in your ordinary clothing. No capes ,tights or special weapons required!