Believe it or not going to the same job everyday can be overwhelming for those who feel as though it is time for a change. It can affect your ability to do those tasks at your current place of employment that come easily to you. You are probably working on your change quietly. It is your journey and until you are ready for the next phase there is no need for an announcement. While you are in the process of evolving there are a few things to consider.

Everything you are working towards involves all of who you are right now. The skills you have mastered are in addition to those you already possessed. You have not changed completely, but have expanded on what you do well inherently.

There once was a woman who worked at a nursing home as a nursing assistant. She kept this job full-time for many years. While she was there she would often speak of her love of animals. In particular she had a real fondness for horses. Anytime she was asked about horses she would give a lengthy response. She had learned a lot about them over the years,by riding them and reading about them.

In order for her to afford riding lessons to took on a part-time job cleaning the stalls at one of the local farms. There she was able to observe people who rode the horses in polo matches. As she began to interact with these people she became a sponge. She absorbed how they felt about the horses and what the sport meant to them.

One day at work she announced she was beginning to bake horse treats. She said she was going to sell them. Most of her co-workers at the nursing home secretly laughed at her. They were thinking how is this woman going to achieve that and get out of working these regular jobs she had. Within six months she had her first horse treat orders coming in. She received these orders by doing what was easy. She kept the jobs that came easy to her while pursuing her dream job. She was a natural at talking to people. When the opportunity presented itself at the stables she seized the moment to offer her treats. Just as she was used to seizing the moment at the nursing home of being of service.

Recognizing opportunity can be incredibly easy if you are up to it?