In baseball, the curve ball is used to throw the batter of course a little bit. Once the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand it arrives to the batter on a curved slope. The ball is also spinning which optically distorts the perception of how the ball is moving.This leaves most batter’s unable to hit the curve ball.

In life there are many situations that mirror the curve ball. Things that happen unexpectedly, appear one way when in fact it maybe our perception that is off. We all are creatures of habit and operate daily in a mode of auto-pilot. We probably go to the same coffee shop every morning and take our lunch break at the same time. The same people probably see us on our way to work everyday because we take the same route. But what happens when the coffee shop is closed for renovations and the cafeteria is putting in new equipment? It causes a disruption in our day or many days depending on how long the coffee shop and cafeteria are inoperable.

These two illustrations may seem insignificant to most . But it does not have to be a major turn of events that leads us to going outside our comfort zone. Most people who drink coffee will go out of their way to make sure they get their daily dose of caffeine. The danger in going to another coffee shop is in the quality of the coffee. Since all coffee is not created equal, this certainly can change the beginning of any day.

When our circumstances change dramatically it is important to remember and use the same emotions we rely on that takes us to a different store to get coffee. Refuse to entertain the idea that it cannot be done. Proceed with the attitude that success will come to you as easily as ordering a cup of coffee. Doing this will ensure success against the dreaded curve ball!