As human beings, it is our nature to become ingrained in daily routines. These routines become such a part of us that often we do not even realize what effect they are having on us. From taking the same road or stopping at our favorite coffee shop every day, routines make us feel safe . We like seeing the same people at the coffee shop everyday. It makes us feel good knowing that they already know what we want when we arrive.

But what happens when what you have been secretly working on begins to take shape? The experience you needed to launch you suddenly have. Your reputation in your new venture has been established and it is time to go where the wind of change is taking you. Being able to handle all that comes with this new change is staying on course. This is not easy to do when you are being pushed in an unfamiliar direction by forces outside of your control. However, it is not impossible to handle all that the new wind is bringing with it.

One of the best ways of handling this is to move cautiously as to avoid being blown away. Also, once you have gotten to a place outside of these new forces it is wise to wait for things to settle off a bit so you can gain some perspective.Instead of allowing the momentum to blow you away, take control of it and make it work in your favor.