You are working towards your goals. Progress is beginning to be made, when all of a sudden out of no where, comes an unexpected road black. This is the time you may have to admit to yourself that there might be some forces against you. Not to worry though, this isn’t anything you cannot handle. You just have to be able to recognize it when it happens.

These forces I speak of can manifest themselves in many different forms. It could be someone who has not been around in a while and all of a sudden shows up. The two of you may have been close at one time, but now all they do is insult you by shooting arrows at your dream. Maybe it is someone who is secretly working against you, but to your face is an ally.

Either one of these situations requires that you not lose your focus on your goal. Treat these people like you would a storm. Let them come with their strongest winds and precipitation. It will not last forever. At some point they will grow tired of you not responding to their idle threats.Then they will be gone just as quickly as they had arrived.

Keep moving towards your goals and understand that if doing what you are doing was easy everyone else would be trying the exact same thing!

Photo: Dreamstime