Without question what we put out into the universe must be answered. But it is the time we must wait that remains a mystery.While we are waiting for our response it is necessary to keep things in motion. This can feel like we are pushing a great load the size of our planet. The longer the wait the harder it may become to keep things in moving.

A few years ago I met a young woman who had been laid off from her secretary position. She remained unemployed for two years. In that time she made a conscious decision NOT to apply for any other positions. If it was not a secretarial opportunity she was not interested. She collected unemployment for a while. When the unemployment ran out , she scraped by using her savings. She told me that she would apply for three to four secretarial positions each week.

Every time she would begin to lose hope, she would re-write her resume and cover letter. At one point she was unable to pay for internet service in her home. In order for her to keep applying for jobs, she utilized cafe’s who had free wi-fi. This worked for a short time. Then one day, she woke up and her computer died. When she turned it on she was greeted with the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.

Still undeterred to land her dream job, she would get up early every morning to get to the public library. Once there she would only apply for jobs that had an online application to fill out. She was beginning to lose hope. Then one day she saw an open position at the local hospital for a unit secretary. She filed out the online application thinking that she would probably never hear anything. She could not have been more mistaken. Within two days her phone was ringing. It was the hospital asking her for an interview.

Her ability to “keep it pushing”, had made all the difference!