Chameleons have the ability to disguise themselves from their predators as well as their prey. This characteristic makes them almost impossible to find in a sea of leaves. This allows them an advantage of being able to avoid becoming the next meal of a predator.

There are many people in life who try to be like chameleons. Not all of them show up in the same way. Some of them will try to be your best friend. That is as long as THEY decide they want you in that capacity. These folks can be spotted fairly easily.

They typically have a great number of people they consider their “FRIENDS”. Their ability to have loyal friendships is limited to say the least. And that is because they see value in QUANTITY not QUALITY. These people are usually nice to everyone, although they may not actually LIKE everyone.

They have had numerous failed relationships, both romantic and friendships alike. The people who know them do not know them intimately, because they do not divulge anything to others that can be potentially used against them. This keeps everyone at an arm’s length.

Be careful of the chameleon’s in your life or in your path. The can do you more harm than good. Since they have few filters, everyone is fair game to them. The only people who really matter are themselves. They are always at the center of ALL they do. Even when situations are about other people, they manage to change their COLORS in order to blend into the mix.

More often than not you will never know they are after you until they strike. Their assault comes as a complete surprise because you were not aware of their presence in that way. That is why it is imperative to improve your awareness wherever you go. Once you learn to adapt the way in which you look at things, it will be easy to SPOT your chameleon!