Elevating your skill set to take things to the next level will require you to reach and stretch further than you had ever anticipated.You may not need to go back to school necessarily in order to achieve what you have in mind. Using alternate means to get desired results is often the best means. This is otherwise known as “thinking outside the box.”

It will also take up a considerable amount of your time. Be prepared for once you begin to get close to realizing your goal things will go wrong. Those who you thought would be supportive might turn their backs on you. Not because they are jealous but because they know they would never stretch as far as you have in order to change their situation.

I know because this has happened to me. For every step of the way from writing my blog to co-authoring books and guest appearances on radio shows,people I thought would be elated at my success, looked at me in disbelief. They wanted to be happy for me, but the idea that I was leaving their circle prevented them from doing so.You see for the majority of people taking a chance on their dreams is too much for them to consider. And when they see someone achieving their goals it becomes too much for them to absorb.

Keep stretching and reaching! Place each new achievement to your resume and before you know it you will have a full page of related experiences opening doors of opportunity you never imagined!

Photo: dreamstime