I remember reading somewhere , that twenty percent of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer either separate from their significant other or get divorced. I thought that was pretty incredible. Somehow I just could not picture anybody being that insensitive at a time like that. Until it happened to me.

I found myself being the recipient of a hard truth. My cancer was inconvenient. I attended all of my doctors appointments by myself. What I learned was a new resiliency. I decided that no matter what the outcome I deserved to be treated better than that. Throughout all the tests and the eventual surgery that would save my life, I began my journey. I discovered who I could count on. I learned how to ask for help. With the weekly visits to a counselor( I had to make sure I was not losing my mind) I withstood the pain of surgery and recovery. I had a small network that also helped me through. Three people: My cousin Joe, my best friend Sheila and my brother Walter. Of course I had my faith, but I would not have realized my strength without everything put together.

I share this with all who read my blog to request that you make yourself available for someone who may need the help of a ride, a hand to hold or a sympathetic ear for listening. Not just in October but all through the year. Be part of the network they might need. You never really know what someone is suffering through until you extend a helping hand!

Think Pink in a whole new way!