So many times we listen to what others have to say. We do so with great intensity. In that moment of time what we are hearing is of the utmost importance. It can uplift us and motivate us into thinking we are capable of doing just the about anything. At some point the meeting comes to an end. At this point we are left with our new found information and good intentions. As we re-enter the world it remains to be seen whether we can walk the talk.

A number of years ago I was working with a woman who decided to apply for a promotion. The job was for an Inside Sales Representative. Her background was in customer service. In that capacity she did a wonderful job of establishing relationships with customers. She often was able to increase their orders. She even told the managers herself that she would do a better job than the incumbent, who was number three in the country.

She came through the interview process with flying colors. When asked how she would deal with having to make at least fifty outgoing calls per day, she said that would be no problem at all. Sure enough she was given the position. She had been with the company for a couple of years and the managers were quite impressed with her progress. She remained in her customer service position for two weeks until her replacement had been trained. Then she was ready for her two week training for the new position.

During first day of training, she was shown where all the files were kept. She also asked a lot of questions regarding promotional materials for her client base. The trainer spent the next couple of days reviewing the computer software that was used in this job. Finally on the last day of the first week, the trainer told her they were going to work the phones. The woman deferred to the trainer on beginning the phone calls. The trainer made at least five cold phone calls. When she turned to the woman she was training her face was as white as a ghost. She was trembling a little bit as well.

At this point she asked the trainer if she thought the woman would be able to do the job? The trainer answered her by asking; “Do You Think You Can Do The Job?” Ultimately the woman ended up back in customer service. While she had talked herself and others into believing she could do this job, she was unable to fulfill even the basic requirements. She really thought all she was going to do all day was answer the phone and take orders.

She was not ready to GET the orders! Are you ready to walk the talk?