For those of us who are students and practitioner’s of the Law of Attraction, the concept that thoughts become things is well within our mindset. But for others still struggling with this concept, an ounce of doubt can be the stumbling block to realization of this fact of law.

When you are considering the strength of this concept, I suggest you start with small things. For many of us deciding we want to purchase a car does not seem that far out of reach. However, to someone who feels as though they will never own a car, that is exactly what will happen. They will find a great number of things to spend their hard earned money on instead of saving up for transportation that will allow them the flexibility of coming and going as they please. These people will spend their days, nights and weekends living around someone else’s schedule. Opportunities that are outside the reach of public transportation or the kindness of friends willing to transport them will remain outside their grasp.

I use this as an example to prove just how simple this law really is!

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