black history month 2016

Today February 1st is the kickoff to a month long celebration of Black History. During this month I will be dedicating this blog to the achievements of those who have passed. I will also be highlighting those champions of change who are history in the making. I have had the opportunity to interview a coupe of people of interest. I hope that you will stay tuned to my blog for the month. I am sure that you will learn an equal amount as I have.

While I was doing the footwork to bring all of the articles together I was filled with an enormous sense of empowerment. It is very empowering to hear stories of people overcoming their circumstances. Usually situations that had no glimmer of hope at all. Some of the people I met have had no formal education at all. You might be thinking, how can that be in 2016? But things for a lot of people in this country have not changed.They begin their lives from a point of lack. A place that most people cannot even imagine.

Their odds are stacked so greatly against them, that when they do try to do something no one is even looking. Their success blindsides their critics because things like that were not supposed to happen. Their opposing forces stand in shock because they had taken everything possible away from these people and yet they still had success!

It takes an indomitable will to learn in an environment that discourages education. And it requires relentless stamina to operate in circumstances that are set up to assist you in becoming a failure. To combat all of that is more than an ordinary person could take. But for the subjects of my focus this year, they have overcome those odds and more!

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you will read the following ones on the people I have decided to focus on this year! There are so many great stories out there that I could write 2 or 3 blogs every day and still not get to everyone who has shaped or is shaping the future history of Black people in America!

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