Here in the Boston area we have all slept a lot better knowing that the second bombing suspect is in custody. The last 24 hours were grueling for us this this community as we were placed on lock down.Just as it seemed as though we would not see a conclusion to the manhunt, a spark of hope came to light. Reports of gunshots in a backyard in Watertown flooded the airways. We were kept on the edge of our seats waiting for confirmation that the person in the boat was indeed the second suspect in monday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon.

Confirmation came and the ambulance took the second suspect to the hospital. The neighborhoods came to life in a wave of relief and gratitude. People lined the streets with American flags to cheer on the people in uniform who captured the suspect.

Gratitude is a wonderful thing. It warms the hearts of those who receive it and brings more good things back to those of us who give it. We have shown what we are made of here in this country. We are a GRATEFUL nation built strong, represented by flag of stars and stripes , the red,white and the blue worthy of our defense!