As certain as the seasons change here in the northeast from winter to spring,summer and then fall, some change will effect all of us at some season of our lives. While we are growing those changes are both external and internal according to the chronological time we are at. Once grown we become more set in our ways and change becomes more difficult for us to accept! Often we have forgotten to feel the wind changing its direction hinting at what is yet to come. Like the breeze on a warm spring day that carries a hint of heat signalling that summer is around the corner waiting it’s turn to emerge.

Are you really ready for the change that will eventually come your way! Have you begun to prepare for the next phase of life by paying attention to the signals that you are being given? Or will you just be carried by the wind that brings in the next season of your life? While we can never be fully prepared for the next season and all that it will bring, we can take steps to prepare for it!

Begin by taking stock of where you are right now in this moment and where you would like to be in the next season of your life whether you are graduating from high school, college, getting married, having your first child, moving,or getting your first job. Start preparing for the next season right now before it comes. Remember preparation is only that. It is not a replacement for what will actually be. the person who maintains their snow blower every year is only prepared for snow! The person who gets a generator is prepared for a power outage. Neither snow or a power outage may occur, but they are prepared!

The same holds true for you. You cannot predict the actual events of the future but you can be prepared by paying attention to the direction of the wind in your seasons!