ten dollars for ferguson

Let’s face one simple fact in this country: We need CHANGE! With the killings of several young black men, we have got to do more than TALK! We have seen black leaders take to the media to speak to the injustices that have been done. News stories are covering people all over the country marching in protest. But what we have not heard about is something that can be the beginning of real change.

For ten dollars in Ferguson Missouri, you can submit a petition with fifty signatures of registered voters to get in the race for Ward Councilor. Fifty signatures is the minimum number of signatures required. For each potential candidate you may not exceed seventy five. If you do your petition will be invalid.The ten dollars will be reimbursed if you receive 5% of the vote. You do not even have to win the race to get a return on your investment.

In a city whose population is 67.4% black, five out of six Ward councilors are white. There really is no time like the present to alter these numbers. These council races will happen on April 7th of 2015. The petitions must be submitted no later than January 20,2015 at 5:00 p.m. Candidate filing for the Ferguson City Counsel will begin at 8:00 a.m. this coming Tuesday December 16th.

The question that needs to be answered is whether the people of Ferguson, Missouri can collect themselves in time to become a real part of their community. This may include providing transportation to residents to become registered voters. If one of the issues is that there are not enough registered voters. They will have to come together as a community or forfeit a timely opportunity. Getting to the polls on voting day is another logistical concern. By implementing some of the “old ” ways that were used in the Civil Rights movement, these residents can alter the path to their future.

People have a tendency of reflecting on the civil rights movement as a thing of the past. It will be “past” when we begin to embrace each other instead of trying to tear one another apart. Instead of killing each other over things we do not actually own, we should be building our own wealth. Building legitimate businesses that bring value to each other and the communities we live in are much better ways of spending the hours after dark.

How would you spend ten dollars?