Most often our moments of clarity come when we least expect it. Expressed in the “light bulb” turning on something that has been right there in front of us all along. This can either be a cause or celebration or a wake-up call. In each case it requires some action to be taken.

In the situation of a celebration,it could the discovery of a new way to achieve your goal. Taking the next step is what you SHOULD do, but it also may require going outside your comfort zone. If you are unsure as to what the next step is ASK. Look for people who may be able to assist you. This is the first of three things involved in reaching your goal ASK.

If your moment of clarity has unveiled a truth that you may have been avoiding, it is time to create a network of support to help you OUT of where you are. The road ahead may be filled with uncertainty, but remaining where you are will only bring you more of the same. A network can be made up of a small number of people, one or two depending on how much assistance you need. Start small and build big as you go!