child hugging a dogRemember that feeling you once had when you let the family dog in on all your secrets? He never told anyone about what happened at school or at the playground. You knew that whatever you told him would go no farther than the space you occupied. He followed you everywhere after school and on the weekends even when you did not want him to. It was a sense of relief and contentment knowing that another being knew what you faced. And he loved you in spite of all your shortcomings. As long as you had a hug and a bone life was good!

You may not want or be able to have another dog in your life right now. But you can find the same sort of contentment daily by seeking time alone. Away from all the distractions that make up your grown up life. Spend a few minutes each day clearing your conscious of all that goes on through prayer or meditation. It may take time to feel the same contentment,but it will come.