What you said you were going to do. And more than that commitment involves the ability to carry out that promise after the mood you were in is long gone. Have you ever made a decision to do something, only to dread it when the time has come to complete it? We all have done something like that. It is human nature to start something with the best of intentions. When the thought or idea comes to us it sounds like a great thing to do.

A couple of days ago I was talking to a woman who asked me about my blog. She said she had started a blog of her own a couple of years ago. She said when she started she would post some recipes and decorating ideas she would find online. Within a short time, what seemed like a great idea fell way to the back burner for her. She said she could not remember the last time she wrote a blog. It just did not have the level of importance in her life that her job did.

She asked me why I blog so often. I told her my writing is a commitment I make to myself. It helps me stay grounded and focused on the important things in my life. Being a single mom of two collegians is something I am truly proud of. Part of the reason I never gave up on either one of them is because in some part I never gave up on my writing.

When money was tight and my son needed private bassoon lessons I tightened my already strapped belt, and kept writing all the way. When he sat first chair bassoon at senior districts after only playing the instrument for a year,it made everything worthwhile. Believe me there were plenty of Saturday mornings I did not want to get out of bed for the one drive to his private lesson. I did it because I made a commitment to him. One that sounded really good at the time and was difficult to follow through long after the mood had left me.

Sitting at the local coffee house while he was at his lesson provided me with ample opportunity to write. I brought old T-Rex with me and along with a warm cup of tea, created some of my best blogs. Ideas would come to me from just watching people coming in and out of that shop . I was able to fulfill two commitments at the same time!