falling out of favor

Of all the things we have to deal wit in our lifetimes, the loss of employment is one of the most difficult. That is due in large part to the immense amount of time we all spend working. Without incurring any overtime hours, a full-time employee works 2,080 hours per year. That is a lot of time. When this loss happens it facilitates a great number of emotions. We might feel really sad about the loss. And some people even begin to question their own worth.

One way to combat some of these self sabotaging emotions is to remain in “favor” with the former employer. If that is not possible then maintaining ties with our peers is imperative. Not because we need to keep abreast of what is happening within the company, but more so or our own self preservation. Think about it! These are the people who we have shared our stories with, had lunch with , and maybe shared a few tears with.

By not severing all ties with these people, we will still feel viable as an employable entity.Our connections no matter how short lived is what makes us all continue in this life. But it is a balance between, family and work. While we all know that our families take precedence over everything else, our business connections are an imperative link to our next career.

Without those people that you have worked with for the past few years as a reference, your credibility might just have to be completely reinvented. That is why it is absolutely necessary to NOT FALL OUT OF FAVOR. Now you do not have to go crazy calling this folks everyday or anything. What you will need is their permission to use their name and e-mail address as a source to substantiate your business credentials.

In order to maintain these people on your list as references, you must be able to relate to them at some level. You are going to have to forego the temptation to allow your self pity to take over every conversation. Instead allow them to tell you what is happening in their lives as well. Otherwise you will become the person they dread hearing from. Limit how often you contact them. Remember they are still employed and do not have the amount of time you do for casual conversation.

If you are able to put to use some of these tactics you will remain in FAVOR with those you have had to leave behind!